How to apply for reemployment aid to Florida

With the economy struggling to recover from Hurricane Irma, Florida Gov.Rick Scott is calling for help for Floridians who are still recovering from the storm.Scott is asking Florida residents who are seeking reemployment help to register at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website at or by calling 800-989-8255.Scott says that the state will […]

The new generation of affordable homes is here

The Next BigFuture home care assistance program will give families more flexibility in deciding where they want to live.The program, which will help families pay for a house or apartment, has been developed by the Massachusetts Department of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.The Next BIG Future home care program will be expanded to help families […]

Why Puerto Rico’s unemployment aid pua won’t solve its poverty problem

Puerto Rico has a $6 billion unemployment aid package that is the biggest in the country’s history.But the governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, has refused to sign it, arguing that the $6.4 billion does not cover Puerto Rico for the duration of the pandemic.Padilla’s office has said it is considering legal options to […]

US Department of Energy says it will help provide assistance to help hurricane victims

By MICHAEL LEONGThe Associated Press – SEATTLE (AP) The U.S. Department of Defense is helping to provide relief to victims of the nation’s most powerful storm, as President Donald Trump’s administration prepares to respond to the Category 4 hurricane that battered the Southeast and flooded the country’s ports.In a statement on Friday, the Pentagon said […]

NHLPA: We’re going to have to cut payroll, too

By David ZalubowskiAssociated PressThe NHLPA said Thursday it expects to cut nearly $600 million from its payroll as part of a $2.5 billion contract extension.The NHL and the union announced the deal Wednesday.It is expected to bring the league and the NHLPA closer together under the new collective bargaining agreement.Under the new deal, the NHL […]

Windows 10 Update Assistant: Dental Assistant Schools

The Windows 10 update Assistant is here and it’s got some new features, including support for dental assistants schools.The new Assistant also has an improved look.The main feature is a new feature called the Dental Assistants School, which is similar to the DASD, but it’s much more like the DASS, as it shows you what […]