When Google Assistant turns off Google Assistant synonym

By TechRadars’ own Jason Pappas, Google Assistant’s synonym function has been a thorn in the side of users.While Google has added an additional search option for Assistant users to disable, it has not done so to remove the functionality.A new beta release of Assistant synonyms for Android, as well as for the Google Assistant mobile […]

Why a few of the world’s best medical schools don’t get enough money

When a medical school receives a grant, they’re often encouraged to recruit more students.The hope is that these new students will help bolster the institution’s standing among the nation’s top medical schools.But as a recent study found, this strategy may not work, according to researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).In this case, […]

Zoho, the company that helps you navigate your health insurance, says it has started to help you navigate health insurance via your smart phone

Hacker News article By accessing Zoho’s mobile app and smartphone app, you’ll be able to navigate health care costs, receive updates on your coverage, manage your prescription drugs, and manage your insurance policies, as well as get alerts on any insurance questions you may have.If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now. To access […]

Google Assistant settings are back online after an outage

Google Assistant Settings are back up and running, but it seems to be a little too soon to say for sure that they’ll be used to help people get through their commute, as Google has yet to provide any evidence of it being useful.The search giant’s assistant settings are currently unavailable, according to the search […]

When it comes to pandemic job search, your brain might be a little smarter than your body

On one side of the equation, you’re looking for work in a variety of fields, such as financial management, accounting, public relations, marketing and advertising, but you’re also looking for help with a wide range of other aspects of your life.On the other, you are looking for assistance with pandemic unemployment and other forms of […]