HP supports Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile operating system

A Microsoft-owned software company is now supporting Windows 10 Mobile on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.The company’s mobile Windows 8.x operating system has been a huge hit with users and is currently the most popular mobile operating platform for PCs.HP has officially announced support for Windows 10 on the HP ProLiant P8.1 notebook.HP […]

Dental Assistant Programs on the Rise in 2017

Dental assistants are a growing segment of the workforce.They can help people who have difficulty talking, reading, writing or seeing, as well as those who are struggling to do the latter.But while many are still young, there’s a growing awareness among dentists that they need to help more.Here’s what we know so far about the […]

How to make a sba crisis loan application,windows 10 upgrade assistant

Windows 10’s free Windows Update assistant will allow users to quickly check on the status of their Windows 10 upgrade and unlock their devices.To access this feature, open up Settings and then tap Update & security.From here, select Security and then select Windows Update Assistant from the list of options.Users can then go to the […]

How to install and use Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update for healthcare assistants

Google Assistant is now officially certified as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) by Microsoft.The update brings the Windows 8 software to healthcare assistants, which are typically used to deliver medical care in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.Google Assistant was certified as such a CNA in 2016 and is available for Android and iOS devices, as […]