What You Should Know About FEMA Disaster Assistance Pay

The White House is set to announce a new wave of disaster relief payments, one that will pay for the construction of a new FEMA field office in Georgia, a move that will likely boost the total amount of money the government will receive.The announcement is expected to be made on Thursday morning, with the […]

How to get the job of your dreams at Google assistant jobs: Synonym

Google Assistant is a powerful, yet often frustrating, tool.Its capabilities can be confusing to use and the interface is sometimes downright frustrating to navigate.But now, the search giant is starting to simplify its assistant experience by letting you use Google Assistant as a virtual assistant on your phones, tablets, and computers.That could help you get […]

Trump administration hires Zoho help desk for virtual assistant jobs

Donald Trump’s administration is bringing on an outside help desk to help fill the jobs of the virtual assistant workforce, and it’s one of the most important changes in the Trump administration’s hiring efforts.The White House is hiring Zoho, a virtual assistant consulting firm that has helped more than 20,000 businesses improve their virtual assistant […]

How to get paid for your personal assistant job, the new pandemic unemployment program

It’s not easy to get a job as an assistant for a company like Allianz Global Assistance.The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said last month that about 9 million Americans who work as personal assistants in the US will lose their jobs because of the flu.The company has a large workforce of more than 4,000.The […]