Which dental assistant job is your dream job?

More than 30,000 dental assistants in the US are now eligible for a $1 million incentive to get an assistant job, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said on Wednesday.The new incentive, which will go to more than 2,400 dental assistants across the country, will also give the dentists a $200,000 incentive for working part […]

‘We were waiting for the ambulance’: USAA’s roadside assistance truck takes off for a crash in South Texas

A USAA roadside assistance vehicle with a U.S. flag and an American flag logo pulled over a crashed vehicle in South Florida.The vehicle’s owner, James Burdick, said the vehicle, which was driven by a passenger, struck a utility pole on the road, forcing the driver to abandon the vehicle.Burdick said the truck’s driver was transported […]

Google Assistant Settings: Google Assistant is now available for personal assistant settings

Google Assistant settings have now been added to Google Assistant’s settings menu.This means that, once you install the Google Assistant app, you can enable and disable the personal assistant options that have been available to you through the previous versions of the Google assistant.There are two ways to enable or disable a Google assistant setting.The […]

How to use virtual assistants to treat patients

We all have a physical therapist at home.That therapist has to go to a physical lab, clean the office, and then come back and get back to work.Today, virtual assistants are starting to get into the office for a lot of things.But a lot more.And some of these assistants are doing things we’ve never seen […]