What’s the deal with Down Payment Assistance programs?

A quick Google search and you’ll discover the phrase “Down Payment Assistance” is all over the news.It’s a euphemism for the assistance programs that help Australians who are trying to repay their student loans, or who are in debt after paying them off, but cannot afford the interest rates that they’re accustomed to.The Government is […]

‘Vampire’s Assistant’ app for Windows 10 will help you sleep better

A new app for Microsoft’s operating system will allow you to keep track of your sleeping habits and keep track on your family’s mood.The app, which is named “Vampire” and is free, will work with Microsoft’s Night Owl and Night Light alarm systems, which will wake you up at 3 a.m. in the morning.It will […]

How to find the best nursing assistant for your next home

Nursing assistants are becoming increasingly popular as a part of the health care workforce.The advent of online platforms such as LinkedIn and CareWork and online recruitment platforms like CareStar have made it easy for home health care professionals to find, hire, and retain an experienced nurse assistant to manage their patients.However, as home health professionals […]

How to save your sanity after a pandemic

The pandemic is having a hard time keeping us safe.How can you survive?We sat down with Dr. Paul Dineen, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and his colleagues to learn more.This week, we look at a few ways you can get more sleep and avoid the worst of the pandemic.The pandemics has killed hundreds of thousands […]