Why you’re getting a better dentist at a lower salary

OHIO — You’ve heard it before: the assistant dentist is the new assistant manager.If you’re working a busy day, it’s time to pay your assistant a raise.But while it’s not a great way to get a raise, it does mean you’re making more money.So, if you’re an assistant manager with a $50,000 annual salary, it […]

How to figure out how much to spend on your physical therapist

There are so many ways to spend money on your family physician, but here’s one that’s easy to remember.Let’s say you have two healthy, wealthy parents and one is suffering from a serious medical condition.They have one physician to see each week, and the other doctor’s on vacation.The cost of the doctor’s care, the amount […]

When you have to use your phone to text to your mom, I’m not sure how to explain this

article I was sitting at a cafe at lunchtime, reading through the Facebook group “Support Your Mom” when I noticed that there was a new post on the page.The posts that had been up for days had all been about “How to help your mom get back to her feet.”This time, it wasn’t about me.Instead, […]

When you need to know the difference between a dentist and a dentist assistant

The American Dentist Association has launched a new campaign, “We Need to Talk,” aimed at combating the idea that many dental assistants are a low-paying occupation.The campaign, which features ads from leading dentists, is part of the organization’s “Dentist in Your Community” campaign.The ad campaign also includes the endorsement of a new national dental education […]

How to get paid for your personal assistant job, the new pandemic unemployment program

It’s not easy to get a job as an assistant for a company like Allianz Global Assistance.The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said last month that about 9 million Americans who work as personal assistants in the US will lose their jobs because of the flu.The company has a large workforce of more than 4,000.The […]

How medical assistant loans help low-income patients recover

The Obama administration has issued a loan guarantee program that could provide up to $3.6 billion to medical assistants and other caregivers to help them pay their bills.The loans are available to qualified applicants who are employed by federal, state or local governments, as well as nonprofits, hospitals and other organizations.The federal government has been […]

How to earn your medical assistant certification

Health professionals need to become certified in order to provide services for people with disabilities, the American Medical Association said Tuesday.While it’s been a long time coming, a new certification system is being developed to better prepare health professionals for the day when people with physical and mental disabilities can receive the same kind of […]

How to get Windows 10 update Assistant in Windows 10 Pro and Pro Plus edition

In this article we’ll show you how to use the Windows 10 Update Assistant (WUA) on Windows 10 10 Pro.This WUA enables you to manage and use Cortana, and it’s a great way to learn new features, like the ability to send emails.To get started, download and install the WUA.Once you have the WUAs installed, […]