How to Get Your Dog’s Food and Water Back

Dental assistants and other veterinary professionals are working overtime to save the lives of pets.Dental assistant schools and certified nursing assistants are popping up all over the country, and many vets are using their certifications to help them get the pets the help they need.Here are the steps you should take to help get your […]

Google Assistant ‘Google Assistant’ can help you with the most pressing questions in life

Google Assistant can answer the most basic questions in your life in a single step.The company has introduced a new feature that allows you to ask Google Assistant questions, and can answer them in a way that’s natural and conversational.This feature, dubbed Google Assistant on Google+, lets you ask questions like “How much money did […]

How much does an executive assistant make?

The National Association of Executive Assistants (NAAAS) recently released its annual report, which ranks the compensation of all of the employees on its membership list.It’s worth noting that the report is compiled by the company, not the individual employer, which is why there’s no such thing as an official rank for an executive Assistant.However, the […]

‘We were waiting for the ambulance’: USAA’s roadside assistance truck takes off for a crash in South Texas

A USAA roadside assistance vehicle with a U.S. flag and an American flag logo pulled over a crashed vehicle in South Florida.The vehicle’s owner, James Burdick, said the vehicle, which was driven by a passenger, struck a utility pole on the road, forcing the driver to abandon the vehicle.Burdick said the truck’s driver was transported […]

When you have to use your phone to text to your mom, I’m not sure how to explain this

article I was sitting at a cafe at lunchtime, reading through the Facebook group “Support Your Mom” when I noticed that there was a new post on the page.The posts that had been up for days had all been about “How to help your mom get back to her feet.”This time, it wasn’t about me.Instead, […]

Doctors who provide roadside assistance near you: What’s required and how much?

A physician assistant program offers a variety of services in a variety, and often different, settings.Here’s what you need to know to know about how they work.1.They’re not required to provide emergency medical services in the event of an emergency.A physician associate does not have to provide immediate medical attention, and instead provides a short-term […]