When you pay for your dental care, the government will help out

If you have dental expenses and need help paying for them, you may be eligible for government assistance from the state of Florida.The state’s Office of Dental Assistance is offering free dentures to families with children under 6.Dental care is one of the few financial resources available for those who may need help, including the […]

Allianz Global Assistance: “We are confident that our financial support to the Greek Football Federation will continue”

Allianzz Global Assistance is helping the Greek football federation to deal with the financial impact of the Greek debt crisis. According to a statement from the organization, the organization is in discussions with the Greek Finance Ministry to increase the amount of Allianzes support. “This is a matter that is currently under discussion,” the statement said. Allianz is […]

What is Google Assistant?

Turns out Google Assistant isn’t just Google’s smart assistant that you can use to play games and watch YouTube videos.The company has also announced it is making it much easier for employers to use the Assistant in their hiring process.The Google Assistant is currently only available to employees of the company and to a limited […]

NHLPA: We’re going to have to cut payroll, too

By David ZalubowskiAssociated PressThe NHLPA said Thursday it expects to cut nearly $600 million from its payroll as part of a $2.5 billion contract extension.The NHL and the union announced the deal Wednesday.It is expected to bring the league and the NHLPA closer together under the new collective bargaining agreement.Under the new deal, the NHL […]

Hacker News: Can I rent my home?

Hacker News is a community that has a strong community of members who want to share their passion for building, hacking and technology.They often have a forum to share information and discussion, as well as a community forum that is free to join.They are an easy place to meet other people who share the same […]