How to help the disabled with physical therapy

As a disabled veteran, you’ll likely want to help others with physical therapists.But you might not be prepared for the work that goes into finding qualified staff.The following article will help you make a list of the best medical assistants for the disabled.Find the right therapist by reading our articles on what to look for […]

How much does an executive assistant make?

The National Association of Executive Assistants (NAAAS) recently released its annual report, which ranks the compensation of all of the employees on its membership list.It’s worth noting that the report is compiled by the company, not the individual employer, which is why there’s no such thing as an official rank for an executive Assistant.However, the […]

How to apply for emergency rental assistance in California

With California having experienced a record-breaking wildfire season, there is a growing number of people in need of emergency rental help.The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued a flood of emergency rent assistance applications in the state.The program, known as Section 8, provides assistance to people who rent homes that have been […]

How to figure out how much to spend on your physical therapist

There are so many ways to spend money on your family physician, but here’s one that’s easy to remember.Let’s say you have two healthy, wealthy parents and one is suffering from a serious medical condition.They have one physician to see each week, and the other doctor’s on vacation.The cost of the doctor’s care, the amount […]

What we know about the medical and mental health services being offered at the Gold Coast Titans’ training base

Gold Coast, Australia – AUGUST 07: A Gold Coast Titan medical staff member works on a patient in the team’s home training ground at the Titans home base on August 7, 2017 in Gold Coast Australia.(Photo by Nathan Denette/Getty Images)  As a player and coach, the Titans have struggled to keep up with their health […]

How to earn your medical assistant certification

Health professionals need to become certified in order to provide services for people with disabilities, the American Medical Association said Tuesday.While it’s been a long time coming, a new certification system is being developed to better prepare health professionals for the day when people with physical and mental disabilities can receive the same kind of […]

How to save your job with a $15,000 internship

With a jobless economy and a shrinking workforce, the prospect of a new career or an extra paycheck can feel overwhelming.While you might feel like you’ve exhausted the options available, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of ways to keep your career on track. Read more 1.Get a great education. This is probably the most important […]

US Department of Energy says it will help provide assistance to help hurricane victims

By MICHAEL LEONGThe Associated Press – SEATTLE (AP) The U.S. Department of Defense is helping to provide relief to victims of the nation’s most powerful storm, as President Donald Trump’s administration prepares to respond to the Category 4 hurricane that battered the Southeast and flooded the country’s ports.In a statement on Friday, the Pentagon said […]

When is it OK to ask a pet about its condition?

I had to be careful to not overdo it when it came to pet questions, because I had my suspicions, especially as a child who could not tell the difference between an adult and a pet, and who could only communicate with animals through touch.But then again, I am now an adult, and I am […]