How to find a new job

With a few exceptions, you won’t be able to find your dream job in the next few years.In fact, most employers have shuttered entire industries.In the past few years, the U.S. has seen an explosion of low-paying jobs in the retail, hospitality, and food services sectors, all of which have seen the rise of automation […]

What if there’s a cure for pandemic unemployment?

If you’re feeling stuck at work, you’re not alone. According to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, nearly half of Americans are unemployed or underemployed. That means that for nearly 40% of people, there’s no job or job-related income that they can tap into to keep them afloat. Many of those people have no choice […]

How to Make Your Company Safer for Employees and Customers in the Pandemic

By now, you’re probably familiar with how to prepare your company for the pandemic.Here’s how to use the tools and processes to make it happen.Read moreAbout Pandemic AssistantPandemic Assistants (PAs) are available to help employees and customers cope with the pandemics challenges.They can:Monitor and respond to customer feedback and issuesHelp with customer support, such as […]

Why Puerto Rico’s unemployment aid pua won’t solve its poverty problem

Puerto Rico has a $6 billion unemployment aid package that is the biggest in the country’s history.But the governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, has refused to sign it, arguing that the $6.4 billion does not cover Puerto Rico for the duration of the pandemic.Padilla’s office has said it is considering legal options to […]

NHLPA: We’re going to have to cut payroll, too

By David ZalubowskiAssociated PressThe NHLPA said Thursday it expects to cut nearly $600 million from its payroll as part of a $2.5 billion contract extension.The NHL and the union announced the deal Wednesday.It is expected to bring the league and the NHLPA closer together under the new collective bargaining agreement.Under the new deal, the NHL […]

When it comes to pandemic job search, your brain might be a little smarter than your body

On one side of the equation, you’re looking for work in a variety of fields, such as financial management, accounting, public relations, marketing and advertising, but you’re also looking for help with a wide range of other aspects of your life.On the other, you are looking for assistance with pandemic unemployment and other forms of […]