How to help those who’ve lost their jobs in the pandemic

As the world struggles to recover from the pandemics, there’s a growing number of people in need of help.As part of a growing need, the United Nations is launching a special “pandemic unemployment compensation” program that will provide some financial assistance to people who have lost their job and need assistance in finding a new […]

When you have to use your phone to text to your mom, I’m not sure how to explain this

article I was sitting at a cafe at lunchtime, reading through the Facebook group “Support Your Mom” when I noticed that there was a new post on the page.The posts that had been up for days had all been about “How to help your mom get back to her feet.”This time, it wasn’t about me.Instead, […]

When housing crisis strikes New Jersey, ‘it will be hard to get out of bed’

In New Jersey this spring, New Jersey’s housing market was in its third year of crisis, and many residents still didn’t know what was going on in their neighborhoods.The unemployment rate was at a historic low, and millions of New Jerseyans were living paycheck to paycheck, even though the state’s unemployment rate has been declining.New […]

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Programs to benefit up to 25 million workers affected by Hurricane Florence

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has launched a $50 million loan program to help companies struggling with Hurricane Florence’s devastation.The agency announced the loan program on Tuesday.FEMA said it was “initiating a loan program that will assist up to 75,000 individuals and families affected by the storm with their disaster assistance needs during recovery […]

How the state’s roadside assistance program may be in jeopardy

The state’s unemployment assistance program could be in peril because it has been unable to find enough people to fill the vacancies.The state’s Office of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families announced Wednesday that it would not hire enough qualified applicants to fill its vacant positions.State officials estimate there are nearly 3.5 million people who are […]