How to Get a Medical Assistant Certification

By Roberta G. Karp | 03 March 2017 06:12:12AMA medical assistant certification program is the next step in the transition to the workforce for many, many Americans.A medical assistant is a doctor, nurse, midwife, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse who is working in a hospital setting or in a clinic.A credentialed medical assistant will be […]

What is the future of dental assistant salaries?

Senior executives at dental and medical assistants are set to be the main targets of the new global assistance program for India.The dental and healthcare assistant certification will become mandatory in India from June 1, 2018 and the medical assistant certification is expected to follow soon after.According to the dental assistant job listings on the […]

HP supports Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile operating system

A Microsoft-owned software company is now supporting Windows 10 Mobile on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.The company’s mobile Windows 8.x operating system has been a huge hit with users and is currently the most popular mobile operating platform for PCs.HP has officially announced support for Windows 10 on the HP ProLiant P8.1 notebook.HP […]

How to earn your medical assistant certification

Health professionals need to become certified in order to provide services for people with disabilities, the American Medical Association said Tuesday.While it’s been a long time coming, a new certification system is being developed to better prepare health professionals for the day when people with physical and mental disabilities can receive the same kind of […]

Which driver can be your medical assistant?

When you’re ready to get back to work, the world’s largest driverless car will soon arrive.Google announced Tuesday that it has acquired Autopilot, the technology that lets cars and trucks drive themselves in autonomous mode.The company acquired Autosteer in a $3.4 billion deal that will help it roll out driverless vehicles by 2021.Google says Autopeer […]

Inside a New York City-based virtual assistant: How to get your hands on a VR job

The job of a virtual assistant may sound daunting at first, but the industry is growing fast.Here’s what you need to know about the new profession.1.Virtual Assistants are not just for tech startups and the big tech firms like Google.There are hundreds of virtual assistants out there.They’re also hiring for other jobs.They might be an […]

How to install and use Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update for healthcare assistants

Google Assistant is now officially certified as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) by Microsoft.The update brings the Windows 8 software to healthcare assistants, which are typically used to deliver medical care in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.Google Assistant was certified as such a CNA in 2016 and is available for Android and iOS devices, as […]