Which Google Assistant apps can you get?

Google’s Assistant has been available on Android for a while now.It’s not quite as useful as Apple’s Siri, but it’s also not as terrible.And it’s far from the worst that Android has to offer.Google’s own Assistant is just as bad as Siri.The Google Assistant isn’t even a “good” voice assistant—it’s an abomination.I love the Google […]

When Google Assistant turns on your phone, you’re in trouble

In the coming months, Google Assistant will be getting smarter, allowing you to ask more intelligent questions when it’s on your side of the phone.For example, if you have Google Assistant on your Android phone, it will ask you questions about the weather and the weather app in the Google News app, as well as […]

Why Google Assistant is ‘a big deal’

Google Assistant has become a big deal in the wake of its launch in 2016, and it’s already become an increasingly popular service for people looking to automate their lives.We asked around for people who have used the assistant and its ability to automate tasks to share their experiences.“I’ve used Google Assistant to automate my […]