When are you going to receive your free Geico road assistance?

Google News is a service that helps users locate and access a wide range of articles that have recently appeared on the search engine.It also serves as an index of articles from leading newspapers and magazines in the United States.With over 12 million articles published in the last 12 months, Google News has become a […]

How to pay your mortgage with Google Assistant

The next time you’re trying to make your next mortgage payment, you might want to take a look at Google Assistant, the company’s smart assistant that helps you pay.If you’re a Google Assistant-using consumer, you probably know how to add a credit card and how to enter a checkbook or credit card number.If not, Google […]

Dental assistant job openings for Texas motorists

Dental assistants will be offered positions on highways and in many other places, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.In a letter to the Dallas area’s Dental Association, the Dental Services Agency said the dental assistants are needed to assist dentists, therapists, dentists assistants, dental hygienists and other professionals in the areas of emergency care and […]

Zoho, the company that helps you navigate your health insurance, says it has started to help you navigate health insurance via your smart phone

Hacker News article By accessing Zoho’s mobile app and smartphone app, you’ll be able to navigate health care costs, receive updates on your coverage, manage your prescription drugs, and manage your insurance policies, as well as get alerts on any insurance questions you may have.If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now. To access […]