BMW i3 sedan gets an update with Google Assistant

BMW iCadillac Escalade: 4G LTE, 8GB RAM, 32GB storage, $34,999 price article The BMW i7 is the most affordable luxury sedan available today and its a step up from the previous-generation i3.Now the automaker is adding an Android app that helps customers unlock their cars with Google’s Assistant, while the next-generation car is getting a […]

How to hire an assistant at your local government assistance centre

If you are considering hiring an assistant to work at your state farm roadside Assistance Centre, the following advice is for you.1.Do not take a chance on hiring an associate if you are an inexperienced person.If you do, you may be faced with a job that is hard to understand and that can take up […]

How to Get a Medical Assistant Certification

By Roberta G. Karp | 03 March 2017 06:12:12AMA medical assistant certification program is the next step in the transition to the workforce for many, many Americans.A medical assistant is a doctor, nurse, midwife, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse who is working in a hospital setting or in a clinic.A credentialed medical assistant will be […]

What’s in a name? An analysis of the names that go with NFL games

Executive assistant is the official title of an assistant who is responsible for a team’s daily operations.The term is usually a placeholder that is used to indicate the person’s status within the organization, but can be changed to any number of different titles.Below are a few common NFL titles.The official title is often given to […]

How to teach dental assistants to teach English

The world of dental assistants is full of mysteries, and you might not know which one to pick as your primary teaching assistant.Here’s a guide to help you decide.1.What is a dental assistant?Dental assistants are people who specialize in performing a certain function, such as cleaning teeth, or helping people with oral hygiene.While the job […]

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Programs to benefit up to 25 million workers affected by Hurricane Florence

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has launched a $50 million loan program to help companies struggling with Hurricane Florence’s devastation.The agency announced the loan program on Tuesday.FEMA said it was “initiating a loan program that will assist up to 75,000 individuals and families affected by the storm with their disaster assistance needs during recovery […]

How a Florida woman used a life savings to pay off her mortgage

She’s still struggling to pay back her mortgage.But it’s been easier than she thought.The 33-year-old woman from St Augustine is on a mission to help other Floridians struggling with mortgage debt.She’s using a life saving account to pay down debt in an effort to help her put the final nail in the coffin.“My credit is […]

What to know about emergency rental assistance programs

It’s been a year since President Donald Trump signed the Affordable Care Act, which set out to provide health care to millions of Americans.But the rollout of the program has been rocky at best.According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 80% of people receiving rental assistance are now facing financial hardship due […]