How to find out if you need to pay for fuel assistance

FEMA and the National Weather Service have issued a bulletin warning of the risk of a severe thunderstorm system developing in western Georgia.The agency said the storm is expected to move into the western United States early Sunday.It is expected over the weekend to bring heavy rain and gusty winds.The storm is centered about 85 […]

The Australian dental assistant jobs of the future

Posted June 04, 2018 07:15:31 It may sound like a crazy idea, but Australia has a shortage of dental assistants.And that’s not good news for a sector that is expected to see a big jump in demand over the next two years.Australian dental assistant training courses are on track to exceed 300,000 students by 2021, […]

Which agency is paid to do the most FEMA aid?

Posted by Josh Harker on Tuesday, September 21, 2018 09:00:02 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been criticized for its use of taxpayer dollars for administrative assistants.While many have been on the job for years, the agency has struggled to recruit enough qualified staff to handle the surge of demand for federal assistance. According to […]

US Department of Energy says it will help provide assistance to help hurricane victims

By MICHAEL LEONGThe Associated Press – SEATTLE (AP) The U.S. Department of Defense is helping to provide relief to victims of the nation’s most powerful storm, as President Donald Trump’s administration prepares to respond to the Category 4 hurricane that battered the Southeast and flooded the country’s ports.In a statement on Friday, the Pentagon said […]

Trump administration to give Americans free energy assistance

In a surprise move, the Trump administration on Tuesday will give the average American $20 in free energy and gas assistance, with an additional $20 rebate for individuals and businesses.The federal government will also offer free energy testing, energy-saving appliances and other free energy aid to all families and small businesses.President Donald Trump’s administration will […]

When Google Assistant turns on your phone, you’re in trouble

In the coming months, Google Assistant will be getting smarter, allowing you to ask more intelligent questions when it’s on your side of the phone.For example, if you have Google Assistant on your Android phone, it will ask you questions about the weather and the weather app in the Google News app, as well as […]

Inside a New York City-based virtual assistant: How to get your hands on a VR job

The job of a virtual assistant may sound daunting at first, but the industry is growing fast.Here’s what you need to know about the new profession.1.Virtual Assistants are not just for tech startups and the big tech firms like Google.There are hundreds of virtual assistants out there.They’re also hiring for other jobs.They might be an […]