Which dental assistant job is your dream job?

More than 30,000 dental assistants in the US are now eligible for a $1 million incentive to get an assistant job, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said on Wednesday.The new incentive, which will go to more than 2,400 dental assistants across the country, will also give the dentists a $200,000 incentive for working part […]

How to get the job of your dreams at Google assistant jobs: Synonym

Google Assistant is a powerful, yet often frustrating, tool.Its capabilities can be confusing to use and the interface is sometimes downright frustrating to navigate.But now, the search giant is starting to simplify its assistant experience by letting you use Google Assistant as a virtual assistant on your phones, tablets, and computers.That could help you get […]

What you need to know about dental assistants job prospects in Sydney

Dental assistants are currently being recruited to fill vacancies in Sydney.The National Council for the Blind and the Disability Advocacy Centre are calling for an end to the practice.“The practice of dental assistants in NSW is a highly skilled and highly rewarding profession,” NCDAC chairman Dr Daniel Bader said.“It’s important that the profession remain at […]

Why is a pandemic unemployment help program available in Michigan?

By Jennifer JacobsThe Detroit Free PressMore than a million Americans are still out of work, but many of them can qualify for a temporary assistance program known as the Earned Income Tax Credit, according to the latest figures.The program, which provides some federal tax credits, is available in 39 states and Washington, D.C. and it […]

Why the average salary for a dental assistant is lower than in the US

Dental assistants in the UK earn $30,000 a year, compared with $70,000 for those in the United States.According to data compiled by the National Association of Medical Colleges and Surgeons (NASMCS), the average dental assistant salary in the country was $38,800 in 2014, compared to $54,400 in the USA.Dental assistant salaries in the world are […]

How to get dental assistance in the aftermath of the SBA disaster

The government of Tamil Nadu is offering dental assistance to people who need it in the wake of the tragedy at the Mahabodhi Temple in Chennai on December 20, 2016.The Tamil Nadu Dental Board, a public health organisation, is also dispensing dental assistance through its dental clinics in the state, with more than 600 dental […]