What you need to know about dental assistants job prospects in Sydney

Dental assistants are currently being recruited to fill vacancies in Sydney.The National Council for the Blind and the Disability Advocacy Centre are calling for an end to the practice.“The practice of dental assistants in NSW is a highly skilled and highly rewarding profession,” NCDAC chairman Dr Daniel Bader said.“It’s important that the profession remain at […]

Dental assistant job openings for Texas motorists

Dental assistants will be offered positions on highways and in many other places, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.In a letter to the Dallas area’s Dental Association, the Dental Services Agency said the dental assistants are needed to assist dentists, therapists, dentists assistants, dental hygienists and other professionals in the areas of emergency care and […]

What is the future of dental assistant salaries?

Senior executives at dental and medical assistants are set to be the main targets of the new global assistance program for India.The dental and healthcare assistant certification will become mandatory in India from June 1, 2018 and the medical assistant certification is expected to follow soon after.According to the dental assistant job listings on the […]

How to make Google Assistant search more efficient

Google Assistant is the company’s answer to voice assistants like Apple Siri and Amazon Echo.But it’s not perfect.While Google Assistant can quickly respond to your query, it can be a little slow to answer questions, and it can sometimes slow down a search.And while Google Assistant doesn’t have voice recognition, that could change.Here’s how to […]

‘It’s hard to believe’: A homeless person walks through a parking lot at a Los Angeles hotel, saying that he cannot afford a dental appointment, according to an Associated Press

title Homeless man arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart article A homeless man was arrested for stealing a $1,200 pair of sunglasses at a Wal-mart store in L.A. on Friday, police said.The homeless man, identified by his first name, Daniel, was arrested by police at the Los Angeles Convention Center at 8:35 a.m. local time, L.I.A […]

What you need to know about Google’s Assistant’s search capabilities

Dental assistants can be an integral part of your life.They can help you find the best dental products and services.If you need assistance navigating to the best online dental services, Google’s assistant can help.The Google Assistant has a new Google Assistant settings menu that lets you customize how your voice search goes.Here are some important […]