How to Get Your Dog’s Food and Water Back

Dental assistants and other veterinary professionals are working overtime to save the lives of pets.Dental assistant schools and certified nursing assistants are popping up all over the country, and many vets are using their certifications to help them get the pets the help they need.Here are the steps you should take to help get your […]

When you pay for your dental care, the government will help out

If you have dental expenses and need help paying for them, you may be eligible for government assistance from the state of Florida.The state’s Office of Dental Assistance is offering free dentures to families with children under 6.Dental care is one of the few financial resources available for those who may need help, including the […]

When you need to know the difference between a dentist and a dentist assistant

The American Dentist Association has launched a new campaign, “We Need to Talk,” aimed at combating the idea that many dental assistants are a low-paying occupation.The campaign, which features ads from leading dentists, is part of the organization’s “Dentist in Your Community” campaign.The ad campaign also includes the endorsement of a new national dental education […]

4 things you need to know about home virtual assistants

I can’t believe how many people ask me for advice about how to get started with virtual assistants.So, I figured, why not share what I’ve learned along the way with you.So here are some things you’ll need to do before you can start using them.I’ve included the first four articles here so you can get […]

How to save your sanity after a pandemic

The pandemic is having a hard time keeping us safe.How can you survive?We sat down with Dr. Paul Dineen, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and his colleagues to learn more.This week, we look at a few ways you can get more sleep and avoid the worst of the pandemic.The pandemics has killed hundreds of thousands […]

Dental Assistant Programs on the Rise in 2017

Dental assistants are a growing segment of the workforce.They can help people who have difficulty talking, reading, writing or seeing, as well as those who are struggling to do the latter.But while many are still young, there’s a growing awareness among dentists that they need to help more.Here’s what we know so far about the […]