Why you’re getting a better dentist at a lower salary

OHIO — You’ve heard it before: the assistant dentist is the new assistant manager.If you’re working a busy day, it’s time to pay your assistant a raise.But while it’s not a great way to get a raise, it does mean you’re making more money.So, if you’re an assistant manager with a $50,000 annual salary, it […]

What’s in a name? An analysis of the names that go with NFL games

Executive assistant is the official title of an assistant who is responsible for a team’s daily operations.The term is usually a placeholder that is used to indicate the person’s status within the organization, but can be changed to any number of different titles.Below are a few common NFL titles.The official title is often given to […]

How to help those who’ve lost their jobs in the pandemic

As the world struggles to recover from the pandemics, there’s a growing number of people in need of help.As part of a growing need, the United Nations is launching a special “pandemic unemployment compensation” program that will provide some financial assistance to people who have lost their job and need assistance in finding a new […]

‘We were waiting for the ambulance’: USAA’s roadside assistance truck takes off for a crash in South Texas

A USAA roadside assistance vehicle with a U.S. flag and an American flag logo pulled over a crashed vehicle in South Florida.The vehicle’s owner, James Burdick, said the vehicle, which was driven by a passenger, struck a utility pole on the road, forcing the driver to abandon the vehicle.Burdick said the truck’s driver was transported […]

How a medical assistant could end up in the middle of a major medical crisis

In the summer of 2010, a 24-year-old patient in the United States with severe, life-threatening COVID-19 was diagnosed with a fatal lung infection.She had been in and out of intensive care for nearly a year.The hospital was struggling with the medical challenges of treating an outbreak that was now spreading from a single-site hospital in […]

Doctors in the medical profession may soon have the job of being the first doctors in your life

A medical assistant position at your local hospital may soon be available.Doctors will be able to take their medical training at a hospital and then work for a company that can then hire them to take over patients in a medical facility.According to a report by The Verge, the move by healthcare workers’ unions will […]