Which states can help you with your unemployment benefits?

In February, Florida lawmakers approved legislation that would allow workers who lose their jobs to get unemployment benefits even if they can’t find a new job within the next six months.The bill passed in the state’s Senate by a vote of 56-4.The legislation is similar to the one enacted in Florida in 2015.But unlike that […]

Which states offer the most unemployment assistance?

NOLA, La.(AP) A new study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition has found that nearly 1.4 million Americans — more than half the total population — receive some form of unemployment assistance.The report, released Tuesday by the National Association of State and Territorial Housing Officers, shows Louisiana was No. 1 in receiving unemployment assistance, […]

How To Get An Administrative Assistant To Do Your Job

Medical assistants are often tasked with helping patients and staff, including those with complex medical needs, with paperwork, making appointments, and other tasks that require a level of expertise that medical students can’t usually match.But, while the role of the medical assistant may seem like a great fit for an undergraduate, it’s also a great […]