How to find out if you need to pay for fuel assistance

FEMA and the National Weather Service have issued a bulletin warning of the risk of a severe thunderstorm system developing in western Georgia.The agency said the storm is expected to move into the western United States early Sunday.It is expected over the weekend to bring heavy rain and gusty winds.The storm is centered about 85 […]

How a nurse assistant can help the ‘lost-and-found’

A nurse assistant is on the move from her home state to New York City in search of the right job.But for the new position, the woman’s new employer is offering her an opportunity to help those who need it the most.“I was going to say, ‘Oh, I can’t take any more work.I have to […]

Which states offer the most unemployment assistance?

NOLA, La.(AP) A new study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition has found that nearly 1.4 million Americans — more than half the total population — receive some form of unemployment assistance.The report, released Tuesday by the National Association of State and Territorial Housing Officers, shows Louisiana was No. 1 in receiving unemployment assistance, […]

How to avoid a late-term death from medical help

Last month, a judge ruled that a Georgia woman must pay the cost of her physician assistant program because she was suffering from terminal cancer.The woman, identified as Nita Covington-Walker, has been living with terminal cancer since March.She was told by her doctor that she could pay for her services with $20,000 of her own […]

How the state’s roadside assistance program may be in jeopardy

The state’s unemployment assistance program could be in peril because it has been unable to find enough people to fill the vacancies.The state’s Office of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families announced Wednesday that it would not hire enough qualified applicants to fill its vacant positions.State officials estimate there are nearly 3.5 million people who are […]

How to Get Your Children Ready for School, Allstate Road Trip, and the Allstate Truck

Posted by The Washington Post on Sunday, August 30, 2019 08:59:46Parents who want to get their kids ready for school are faced with a series of challenges.The first is finding a reliable and affordable car, while the second is finding the right car to get them to school.Allstate Trucking, a subsidiary of Allstate, offers a […]