When a company loses a job, the first thing it does is make sure that it has enough people working at that job to fill the jobs lost

It’s a common refrain, but when a company goes under, it’s sometimes hard to know who’s going to be on top of the jobless pile.This is why it’s so important to have someone on staff who can keep the company afloat.This can be a challenge for many companies, but it can also be a good […]

When housing crisis strikes New Jersey, ‘it will be hard to get out of bed’

In New Jersey this spring, New Jersey’s housing market was in its third year of crisis, and many residents still didn’t know what was going on in their neighborhoods.The unemployment rate was at a historic low, and millions of New Jerseyans were living paycheck to paycheck, even though the state’s unemployment rate has been declining.New […]

When the ‘real job’ of a public servant becomes ‘administrative Assistant Jobs’

The real job of an American public servant isn’t getting a paycheck from the government.It’s taking care of clients and clients’ families. That’s what the new job titles for the Office of Personnel Management’s new Administrative Assistant Jobs program are all about.And the names are striking.Here’s the new “Administrative Assistant” titles:  Assistant Secretary (Secretary) – This […]

Why Google Assistant is ‘a big deal’

Google Assistant has become a big deal in the wake of its launch in 2016, and it’s already become an increasingly popular service for people looking to automate their lives.We asked around for people who have used the assistant and its ability to automate tasks to share their experiences.“I’ve used Google Assistant to automate my […]