When you pay for your dental care, the government will help out

If you have dental expenses and need help paying for them, you may be eligible for government assistance from the state of Florida.The state’s Office of Dental Assistance is offering free dentures to families with children under 6.Dental care is one of the few financial resources available for those who may need help, including the […]

How to figure out how much to spend on your physical therapist

There are so many ways to spend money on your family physician, but here’s one that’s easy to remember.Let’s say you have two healthy, wealthy parents and one is suffering from a serious medical condition.They have one physician to see each week, and the other doctor’s on vacation.The cost of the doctor’s care, the amount […]

The Australian dental assistant jobs of the future

Posted June 04, 2018 07:15:31 It may sound like a crazy idea, but Australia has a shortage of dental assistants.And that’s not good news for a sector that is expected to see a big jump in demand over the next two years.Australian dental assistant training courses are on track to exceed 300,000 students by 2021, […]

When you have to use your phone to text to your mom, I’m not sure how to explain this

article I was sitting at a cafe at lunchtime, reading through the Facebook group “Support Your Mom” when I noticed that there was a new post on the page.The posts that had been up for days had all been about “How to help your mom get back to her feet.”This time, it wasn’t about me.Instead, […]

Google Assistant will replace voice commands in a few years, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk has confirmed that Google Assistant, the assistant that’s been Google’s best-selling product for the past few years and now the centerpiece of Google Home, will soon replace voice command.The company announced in March that Google Home would receive voice commands via an API.Now, Musk says Google Assistant would be replacing voice commands for […]

What jobs are available in the Florida Emergency Medical Services workforce?

By now, most of you know that the state has been struggling with a shortage of nursing assistants (NAs) since the hurricane hit the Florida Keys last fall.NAs are the frontline nurses who manage the medical care of patients in Florida’s hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient clinics.The demand for these roles has been so high […]

How to help Ohio flood victims and their families get ready for the next storm

The next hurricane is here, and there’s an emergency rental assistance assistance program in place to help you stay connected to the rest of the world.Ohio’s Department of Human Services has a Disaster Recovery Fund, and it’s available to families and renters.You can apply online.The application requires a photo ID and an email address.You also […]