‘It’s hard to believe’: A homeless person walks through a parking lot at a Los Angeles hotel, saying that he cannot afford a dental appointment, according to an Associated Press

title Homeless man arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart article A homeless man was arrested for stealing a $1,200 pair of sunglasses at a Wal-mart store in L.A. on Friday, police said.The homeless man, identified by his first name, Daniel, was arrested by police at the Los Angeles Convention Center at 8:35 a.m. local time, L.I.A […]

What are the best medical assistants for housing assistance?

Posted January 03, 2018 06:06:16Many people would say that the best doctors and other professionals are also the best people to help a person who needs it.That’s why it’s important to know which doctors are certified nursing assistants and whether they are qualified for housing help.There are many different ways to be a certified nursing […]

Why NFL players should consider assisted living for their mental health

As more NFL players have become vocal about the mental health impact of concussions, a growing number of coaches and executives are beginning to take notice.The NFL Players Association is sponsoring a conference to address the issue in August in Las Vegas.In the weeks leading up to the event, NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith said players […]

How to use virtual assistant HP Image Assistant

It’s been a while since HP’s Virtual Assistant got a major update, but it seems that the latest version of HP Image assistant has been given a big upgrade as well.With a new “Hipchat” app that has been added to the App Store, the virtual assistant can now access HP’s network and connect with other […]

How to be a better athlete if you have disabilities

There are many things you can do to be better at sports.One of them is be aware of what’s going on in your personal life.You can use the “Find Your Way” app to track your progress.The app will also let you know how many miles you’ve run.You should also pay attention to the number of […]

How to turn off Google Assistant

Turns on the Google Assistant on your phone.You can turn off the Assistant on all your devices.It won’t be as smart as the Google Home, but it’ll help you search the web, and it will tell you when you’re talking to your wife or boyfriend.The Assistant will also tell you if you’re in a group […]

How to save your job with a $15,000 internship

With a jobless economy and a shrinking workforce, the prospect of a new career or an extra paycheck can feel overwhelming.While you might feel like you’ve exhausted the options available, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of ways to keep your career on track. Read more 1.Get a great education. This is probably the most important […]

Allianz Global Assistance to Help US Dentists Retire

Allianza Global Assistance will help the United States dentists retire early with a plan to offer a $100,000 retirement benefit, according to a report.The Allianzy Global Assistance plan will help dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and other healthcare professionals retire with a minimum of $100 million.Allianz has been one of the top financial supporters of the […]

How to apply for reemployment aid to Florida

With the economy struggling to recover from Hurricane Irma, Florida Gov.Rick Scott is calling for help for Floridians who are still recovering from the storm.Scott is asking Florida residents who are seeking reemployment help to register at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website at floridadecourier.com or by calling 800-989-8255.Scott says that the state will […]