What You Should Know About FEMA Disaster Assistance Pay

The White House is set to announce a new wave of disaster relief payments, one that will pay for the construction of a new FEMA field office in Georgia, a move that will likely boost the total amount of money the government will receive.

The announcement is expected to be made on Thursday morning, with the new office set to be named for the late Georgia congressman Tom Price. 

It will likely be the first such FEMA office since the Bush administration, when the US sent money to help build the new headquarters in Baghdad.

As a result, the new field office will be a departure from past efforts by the Trump administration.

This time, however, the money will go directly to Georgia. 

“We’re moving ahead with our plans to provide a new field location for FEMA and will pay our way with this money,” Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta told reporters in a press briefing Thursday.

“We’re not going to be taking any other steps.” 

The new office is being named after Price, who was one of the architects of the Trump presidency and who served as a senior aide to the President.

Price’s office was a crucial player in Trump’s first major legislative push: a $1.1 trillion spending bill, which passed the House in March. 

But the office wasn’t the only office that was key to the bill’s passage, and Acosta said that the office was also a key factor in the White House’s subsequent decision to not pursue a bailout for the American people. 

The office was built for the same reason that Trump’s administration is using the money to build the FEMA field offices in Georgia and South Carolina: it was designed specifically to make the work of FEMA easier. 

For example, the Office of Field Operations (OFO) is an office of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development that provides a variety of field services, including disaster assistance, emergency response, and recovery. 

In its mission statement, OFO describes its role as “to coordinate the responses of all Federal, State, and local agencies to the impacts of natural disasters, emergencies, and other events on the Nation’s housing and public safety.” 

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett earlier this month, Price, a former congressman from Georgia, explained how he designed the office to be a useful tool for helping the country rebuild after the devastating floods that ravaged much of the country during Hurricane Katrina. 

He said the office’s mission was to be an “information hub for the President and his team.” 

“It’s an information hub that can tell the President what the federal agencies are doing, what their priorities are, what are their priorities in response to any natural disaster,” Price said. 

“[The office] is an information and data hub that lets the President see what’s happening and what’s going on.” 

He went on to explain how the office helped the President, who, as a result of the storm, had to travel to Atlanta and New Orleans to recover from his injuries. 

Price also told Burnett that FEMA’s job was to provide the President with information and information for the country. 

This information and the information that we provide is really the most important thing, he said.

It’s not just information. 

As a result , Price’s administration had to work closely with the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the White Houses office that runs the Office and helps the President budget for disaster relief. 

Since the disaster struck, the administration has been working to ensure that FEMA had a “data center,” which would allow it to better share information and respond to disasters. 

With its new office, however the White House has decided to turn to its own data center, located in the suburbs of Atlanta, and use it to share more information about the nation’s response to the natural disasters that have ravaged the region. 

Trump and Aconte are also planning to pay for a $2 million construction project to be done in Georgia to make a new building for the office, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

That’s a move in the right direction. 

A spokesperson for the Office said the new building was being funded with funds that the OOBR had already appropriated for the building. 

However, the spokesperson noted that the new construction could take up to six months to complete. 

At a press conference in May, Price also announced that the government would be giving $2.5 million to Georgia to build a new office to replace a building destroyed in the Katrina floods.

The Trump administration has not yet announced a timeline for when FEMA will begin using the new offices, but Acosta noted that it was a “priority” to help the government. 

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