Windows 10 update Assistant for Windows 10 will be free on March 14

Windows 10 Update Assistant will be available for free on the March 14th Microsoft Band, and it will be one of the first apps to be available to purchase from the app store, according to a tweet from the Windows Insider Insider program.

The free app, which will be built into the Insider program, will be able to perform a number of tasks for users, including automatically adding apps to the Start Menu, enabling Cortana to perform commands, and adding custom settings to the app, the Insider Tweet stated.

The new app will also allow users to set up the Microsoft Band and add Cortana to the default Cortana search settings, according the Insider tweet.

Microsoft Band, which was announced at Build this week, will allow Windows 10 users to use voice commands for things like controlling music playback, searching for contacts, and sharing photos and videos.

Microsoft has also introduced a companion app for the Microsoft Account, which is now available to download and use in the Windows Store, but it will not be available until the end of the month.

Microsoft will also launch a new Windows 10 Insider program on March 15th, allowing users to join the Microsoft Edge and Edge Mobile team on the Insider team, which provides Windows 10 Edge and Cortana updates for the browser and device, according Microsoft.

Microsoft has also announced a number new devices, including a new Surface Pro, an Intel Atom processor-based laptop, and a new Xbox One S.