What if you were a vampire and you could help a stranger out?

What if I told you that the world’s most beloved vampire was able to help a human being?

Well, you would probably laugh, because you’re right, right?

A vampire’s ability to do just that is well documented in the book and film series, but the real story is probably far stranger.

In the series, a vampire, named Klaus, is the closest thing the human race has to a super-villain, who has mastered the art of turning ordinary humans into vampires by taking over the body of a victim.

But it turns out that Klaus has a much more sinister plan: turn the entire human race into vampires himself.

But when the human population is so dominated by the vampires, the vampires’ influence becomes unstoppable, and the only way to stop them is by destroying the entire vampire population, and killing everyone who’s in the way.

The vampire population of the world, which has never been this low, is about to be wiped out.

But Klaus is not done yet.

He’s also determined to make a deal with the vampires for their protection, and he’s willing to risk his own life if he can get his hands on the blood of a human child, which is what he needs to get his bloodline back.

To do so, he has to find a young girl named Victoria, who’s being held captive in the castle, and rescue her.

As a result, he is able to make some sort of deal with Victoria’s captors, and with the help of his allies in the vampire community, he gets Victoria back.

But what he’s also trying to do is find the child’s mother, and to do that, he needs the help from an old friend, and that friend is none other than his vampire wife, who is also his rival, a rival that he is willing to go to any lengths to protect.

Written by National Geographic Channel