Why I left my first medical job as an intern

Medical assistant programs have been around for decades and they’re becoming more popular.

But the ones we know best are now in their final stages of development.

This is not a time to be rushing into retirement.

We can learn a lot from the medical assistants who’ve gone before us. 

A medical assistant is a physician’s assistant who performs routine tasks for patients.

Doctors and surgeons rely on them for the critical information that can save lives.

The role in medicine is the most demanding and rewarding of any medical specialty.

A medical assistant has to be able to get things done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

And because medical appointments are usually brief, medical assistants are usually the first to know when someone needs an urgent procedure. 

The roles of medical assistants vary from office to office, with some performing routine tasks to others making more complex medical decisions.

Here are the top five roles in medical assistant programs.1.

Medical assistant assistant, pediatrician, or pediatric nurse2.

Medical nurse, dental hygienist, or dentist3.

Medical associate, physician assistant, or physician assistant4.

Medical intern, clinical nurse, or nurse5.

Medical technician, dental assistant, nurse