BMW i3 sedan gets an update with Google Assistant

BMW iCadillac Escalade: 4G LTE, 8GB RAM, 32GB storage, $34,999 price article The BMW i7 is the most affordable luxury sedan available today and its a step up from the previous-generation i3.

Now the automaker is adding an Android app that helps customers unlock their cars with Google’s Assistant, while the next-generation car is getting a new name.

The i3 has a 4G cellular network and can be had for $34.999 in the US.

That’s up from $32,957 in Europe, $24,999 in Australia, and $21,999 for a similar-looking i3 model from the US, according to Autoblog.

The new version of the car also comes with 32GB of RAM, a $500 upgrade over the previous generation, and it comes with an 8GB of storage for $2,399.

The BMW’s biggest upgrade comes in the form of a new 5-inch screen with 1080p resolution and a larger battery for $4,499.

The car’s rearview camera also gets an upgrade, and the car’s front view camera also has an upgrade from 8MP to 12MP.

The next-gen i3 comes with a rearview, lane-keeping assist, a 6.2L V6 engine, a 16MP rear camera, a 10MP front camera, and a 5MP front-facing camera.

It will hit the US market this fall for $35,000.

The 2017 BMW i5 sedan with 4G and LTE comes with the same specs, as does the 2017 BMW 3 Series sedan with the 8G LTE.

The Audi A3 sedan and the 2015 Audi A4 sedan come with LTE as well.

The Volkswagen e-Golf and the 2018 Toyota Prius hybrid all have LTE as standard, and all three have LTE equipped.

We’ve been looking forward to this update for quite some time, but now it’s here, and BMW has announced that the i3 will get it.

In its introduction video, BMW said that the next i3 would have a more powerful version of its AI assistant, with “a powerful camera” and a “more powerful battery.”

BMW says the new car will have an all-new engine and the same powertrain as the i5, and will be offered with the optional 8-speed manual transmission, which will be available with a manual transmission and automatic with a four-wheel drive system.

The company is also adding a new “Drive Mode” option that will allow customers to switch between four different modes based on driving conditions.

BMW says it will offer new colors for the car and it will come with a new exterior paint job.

The A3 is expected to hit dealerships in the fall.