How to get medical help near you, Zoho says

By KENNETH BARKER The Associated Press WriterLos Angeles, Calif.

(AP) — Zoho, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that helps people with medical needs around the world, has opened its doors to medical assistants.

It’s the latest step in an ongoing evolution in medical care and medical innovation.

The Zoho mission statement says the company “is a leader in providing affordable, accessible and quality medical care to the global population, with an emphasis on helping people in underserved areas reach their full potential.”

The goal of the company is to provide care to everyone regardless of income, location, or ability to pay.

Zoho is one of several companies that aim to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible health care to patients around the globe, as part of a growing movement to reduce health care costs.

For example, Zho is working with health care providers in China to develop a high-tech, personalized, automated health care system that can detect, treat and prevent conditions and injuries.

Zho is partnering with health insurers and other partners to create a system that allows people to receive personalized health care, including prescription drugs, medical care, dental care and other services.

Zhuo, which is based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2002 and focuses on the delivery of affordable, high-level, low-cost medical services to the underserved populations of the world.

It has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and has more sites in 35 countries.

It has more offices in China than any other company.

Zhou Yonghua, president and chief executive officer of Zoho said the company has been working with partners and other providers for several years to make the system more convenient, more accessible and more effective.

It was the right thing to do, he said.

“I think the next step in the company’s journey will be to partner with health insurance companies and other health care organizations to deliver these services to more people,” he said in a statement.

Zhonglong is part of Zho’s growing network of partnerships with partners.

Its offices are located in several cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai.

The company was launched in 2015.

“In the past, we have worked closely with health authorities in China and other developing nations, but we are excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with partners in the United States,” Zhou said.

Zhao Guoping, Zhuo’s senior vice president for international affairs, said China was a key market for Zoho.

“Zhuom is committed to expanding its footprint and expanding our relationships across the globe.

We hope this will open new opportunities for us to work with healthcare organizations in other countries,” Zhao said.

Zoho is part-owned by Chinese telecommunications company ZTE.