Dental assistant job openings for Texas motorists

Dental assistants will be offered positions on highways and in many other places, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

In a letter to the Dallas area’s Dental Association, the Dental Services Agency said the dental assistants are needed to assist dentists, therapists, dentists assistants, dental hygienists and other professionals in the areas of emergency care and treatment.

It is the first time that the DSA has offered dental assistants jobs on highways.

The agency said the hiring of the dental assistant positions is in response to a statewide shortage.

Dental assistants can help patients by administering oral care and treating their teeth and gums.

They also can provide general office support and help maintain a safe environment for patients.

The DSA said the DAs job listing is a part of a program called the Dentists Assistant Network, which seeks dental assistants who have expertise in dental hygiene, oral health and related services.