How the state’s roadside assistance program may be in jeopardy

The state’s unemployment assistance program could be in peril because it has been unable to find enough people to fill the vacancies.

The state’s Office of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families announced Wednesday that it would not hire enough qualified applicants to fill its vacant positions.

State officials estimate there are nearly 3.5 million people who are seeking unemployment benefits.

The unemployment benefit program, or TANF, pays people to work part-time.

Many of the job seekers who apply for the assistance are not able to find full-time work.

State lawmakers are debating whether to make changes to the program.

The state currently has more than 2.2 million people on its TANf rolls, but officials estimate only about 200,000 are currently employed.

To fill the void, the state is offering temporary assistance to unemployed people who have lost their jobs.

But to date, the program has not offered any assistance to those who have recently returned from a job, such as temporary help with child care, childcare or transportation.

The program is funded through the state Employment Development Authority, or EDA, and the agency said it will begin to roll out new programs starting this week.

The new programs include job search assistance for people who lose their jobs and emergency assistance for those who are unemployed for a month or more.

But the agency also said it is working on other programs that would help people who would otherwise have to apply for unemployment assistance.

It is also offering emergency aid to those seeking help with rent, utilities and other costs.

The temporary assistance program is one of the most popular government programs in the country.

The jobless assistance program pays people who lost their job to apply to jobs for a limited period of time.

People who qualify for the program get money for food, clothing, health care and other expenses.

To be eligible for assistance, a job applicant must have been out of work for six months or more, be at least 20 weeks into the unemployment process and have no other job available.

If you are looking for temporary help or assistance for rent, health insurance or utilities, contact the state EDA at 800-445-9494.

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