How to apply for emergency rental assistance in California

With California having experienced a record-breaking wildfire season, there is a growing number of people in need of emergency rental help.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued a flood of emergency rent assistance applications in the state.

The program, known as Section 8, provides assistance to people who rent homes that have been damaged or destroyed by the fire.

Many people who receive Section 8 vouchers are eligible for a full refund.

Some people can even get the full $600 a month they would have been paying out of pocket.

One recent case involved a couple in a rental home that was destroyed by a wildfire in 2018.

The couple had already paid the full rent of $2,000, but the government decided that they were too poor to get back any of the money they had already given to the landlord.

This situation illustrates how Section 8 is not a replacement for traditional rent assistance programs.

The government is providing cash assistance, not cash.

In order to qualify for Section 8 you must be eligible for HUD’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which provides a monthly payment that is based on a percentage of your federal poverty level.

It is designed to provide assistance to low-income people who have experienced hardship.

However, Section 8 does not provide cash assistance for the families of people who are also in the emergency rental program.

This means that some people who would have received cash assistance from the government would instead receive Section 88 housing vouchers, which are often used by low-wage workers.

The situation is even more complicated for people with disabilities, as Section 88 vouchers are usually available to people with a disability, but Section 8 funds are not available to anyone who has a disability.

There are several ways to get Section 8 funding, and you can find out how to apply here.

A few of the most popular options are: 1.

You can get a Section 8 voucher from the state Department of Finance (DFS).

These vouchers are generally available through the mail and can be used in conjunction with Section 8.

The DFS is the state agency that issues Section 8 rental vouchers.


You could use Section 8 housing vouchers from the Department of Public Health (DPH).

DPH has a number of Section 8 programs, including Section 88 and Section 208.

You must be an employee of DPH and must be a qualifying veteran to get a voucher.


You may also use Section 88 Housing vouchers from your local Housing Authority.

These vouchers, available through Housing Authority programs, are also available through mail and may be used by qualified veterans.


You have to be an individual in your home state who qualifies for Section 88, or you can use Section 208 vouchers from HUD.

Section 208 housing vouchers are available through HUD’s Section 8 Housing Assistance Program.

The vouchers may also be used as part of a rental payment or as part in a joint payment.


You will have to meet certain eligibility criteria before receiving Section 8 money.

For example, you must: have a qualifying VA veteran card.