‘We were waiting for the ambulance’: USAA’s roadside assistance truck takes off for a crash in South Texas

A USAA roadside assistance vehicle with a U.S. flag and an American flag logo pulled over a crashed vehicle in South Florida.

The vehicle’s owner, James Burdick, said the vehicle, which was driven by a passenger, struck a utility pole on the road, forcing the driver to abandon the vehicle.

Burdick said the truck’s driver was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but was released.

The accident occurred near an intersection where the intersection used to be, and Burdack said the driver was also involved in a crash.

He said a police officer and other emergency responders were on the scene and that the driver had been transported to an area hospital.

Buddles, the owner of the U.F.O. truck, told the Tampa Bay Times that the accident happened in a “dangerous” spot and that his company is looking into the cause.

The owner of a U-Haul truck is suing the U-Mauling company after a driver was struck by an ambulance near a USAA office in South Florissant, Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol officials said they are investigating the crash.