Allianz Global Assistance: “We are confident that our financial support to the Greek Football Federation will continue”

Allianzz Global Assistance is helping the Greek football federation to deal with the financial impact of the Greek debt crisis. 

According to a statement from the organization, the organization is in discussions with the Greek Finance Ministry to increase the amount of Allianzes support. 

“This is a matter that is currently under discussion,” the statement said. 

Allianz is also working with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to help Greece get back on its feet. 

At the end of March, the Greek government announced that the country’s debt-ridden public sector pension system would be closed on April 1. 

The announcement came in response to a series of bailouts for the country that the IMF has been working on. 

A total of €10 billion of the loans are due to be repaid within a year. 

However, the IMF announced in June that it would be extending the repayment of a total of about €40 billion in loans. 

In June, the International Trade Union Confederation, the countrys main trade union, called for the immediate lifting of the emergency decree on the closure of the public sector pensions. 

While the decision to close the public sectors pension system was met with immediate condemnation, some of the unions and others were more than happy to extend the deal to the public workers, as long as they could avoid the closure. 

That is why, with the help of the Allianzo Global Assistance, Allianzi is providing a loan of up to €50 million to the football federation. 

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