What do I need to know about assisted suicide?

By now you’ve probably heard about the new law allowing patients to take their own lives without the supervision of a doctor.

The new law has also been dubbed “The Death With Dignity Act”.

The new act was introduced on November 30 by state Rep. John Gipson (D-Nashville), and it’s set to take effect on January 1.

What you need to Know about the Death With Dignity Act (H.R. 614):What it means:The new law allows anyone in Tennessee to take his or her own life without the doctor’s supervision without the possibility of getting into any trouble with the law.

Patients who are not able to obtain the necessary approval for their own suicide are to be assisted in dying.

What it won’t do:The law does not allow any medical treatment or medication to be administered to someone who is incapable of taking his or herself to a doctor, as long as it’s not medically necessary for them to take it.

It will not apply to people who are already dying of suicide or those with medical conditions such as diabetes or chronic pain that require a doctor’s help.

It is also not meant to cover people who may wish to take life in another way, such as by committing suicide themselves.

What’s the history of assisted suicide in Tennessee?

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the state’s law authorizing assisted suicide was unconstitutional and that it violates the Eighth Amendment.

The court ordered the state to create a system to facilitate the deaths of those who have committed suicide.

It also ordered the governor to provide an alternative for those who seek assisted suicide.

Tennessee is the only state in the country to have a law authorizing suicide without the physician’s supervision.

In the last year, more than 500,000 people in Tennessee have taken their own life.