What we know about the medical and mental health services being offered at the Gold Coast Titans’ training base

Gold Coast, Australia – AUGUST 07: A Gold Coast Titan medical staff member works on a patient in the team’s home training ground at the Titans home base on August 7, 2017 in Gold Coast Australia.

(Photo by Nathan Denette/Getty Images)  As a player and coach, the Titans have struggled to keep up with their health and fitness requirements.

Their last season under Rob Kelly ended in defeat at the hands of the Brisbane Broncos, but the Titans continued to operate under the leadership of interim CEO David Gallop and head of health and performance Chris Barr.

 At the end of the 2017 season, the Titan’s health and wellbeing programme was renamed the ‘Health and Performance Strategy’ and the Titans announced that a new medical and behavioural specialist would be appointed to lead the organisation.

A new ‘Health And Performance Strategy Specialist’ will be appointed by the Titans as the new medical director and chief medical officer, according to the club.

The Titans are currently running a two-year program to help the team recover from injuries and depression.

They will also have a new sports medicine and sports psychology doctor on staff in 2018, according a press release from the Titans.

This is the first year the Titans medical team has been able to work in the Titans facility, with the first two weeks of training being held at the team base.

“As we have a strong focus on rehabilitation and wellbeing we are extremely excited to be working with our medical team in this new role,” Gallop said.

Gallop also revealed that the Titans were working on a number of medical services including: “The Titans Medical Team is currently developing a new clinical programme focused on mental health and recovery.

The first clinical trial of this programme will take place in 2019 and will be the first clinical study to focus on the use of psychological interventions as part of the Titans Medical team’s clinical work.”

The new program will also include a focus on improving the mental health of the team.

In addition, the club will also work with the NRL’s mental health commission to help ensure the mental wellbeing of the NRL and its players is respected.

Last year, the NRL announced the Titans would be the third NRL club to join the new mental health scheme, with Parramatta joining the national NRL mental health team in 2018 and Sydney Roosters in 2019.

NRL mental health commissioner David Gallops announcement on the Titans’ participation in the NRL mental wellbeing scheme.

Read more: The NRL will also provide training for staff in the mental wellness programme, and staff will be paid at a rate that is comparable to the NRL salary cap.

With the NRL facing increasing pressure to address the mental illness crisis, the medical team will also be working closely with the clubs mental health service manager, Andrew Witty, and will have access to their team’s training and facilities.

Titans CEO David Gough said: “We are committed to working closely and collaboratively with our players to make a real impact on mental wellbeing, and this will be a key part of our plan to improve our mental health programme for the next 12 months.”

Gallops has also confirmed that the NRL will continue to play its own mental wellbeing games, with a new mental wellbeing initiative set to be launched in 2018.

He said: The Rugby League club has also committed to funding mental wellbeing initiatives for players and staff, as well as developing training programs to address mental wellbeing issues.

As part of that, the NFL’s mental wellness program will be rebranded as the NFL Health and Performance Program.

At the NRL Club Level, the new NRL Mental Health program will include a new Mental Health Officer who will oversee the NRL team’s mental wellbeing programme, including the development of a mental wellbeing strategy, which will be overseen by an independent consultant, and the establishment of an Indigenous Mental Health Network, which aims to support Indigenous Australians with mental health needs.

All NRL Clubs will also host a mental health forum every two years, which the club said will focus on Indigenous mental health issues and offer a forum for all NRL Clubs to meet with their team mates.

Following the Titans new mental wellness initiative, the NSW government has also announced a new national mental wellbeing policy.

Newly appointed NSW Health Minister Chris Hartcher has also promised to work with all NSW Government departments to develop a national mental wellness strategy.

Hartcher is also expected to introduce legislation to establish the Australian National Mental Health Strategy in 2018 for all State and Territory governments.

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