‘Vampire’s Assistant’ app for Windows 10 will help you sleep better

A new app for Microsoft’s operating system will allow you to keep track of your sleeping habits and keep track on your family’s mood.

The app, which is named “Vampire” and is free, will work with Microsoft’s Night Owl and Night Light alarm systems, which will wake you up at 3 a.m. in the morning.

It will also let you know when the next sunrise is, and how much time to spend with your family.

“You can wake up, sleep in, and have your kids be happy or sad, or be content with a boring day,” said the developer, Alex Zemtsev, in a statement.

“You can use it to stay up to date with family life, and to be reminded of what’s important to you.”

The app will work on Windows 10 Pro, the newest version of the operating system, and Windows 10 Home, the previous release.

“Vampire is designed for people who want to manage their lives and families in a way that’s easy and convenient,” the developer said.

“People can customize their vampire app to suit their personal preferences, and we’ll provide daily reminders for the most important moments in their lives.”

The developer said the app will be free for the duration of the app’s release, but will eventually be free to all users, and will be made available on the Windows Store.

Microsoft’s Night Owls and Night Lights have long been used as alarm systems for families, but this is the first app for the operating systems.

The app’s creators said it will let parents control their sleep patterns and have more options for family.

The developer also said the apps will have a dedicated “sleeping” section, so parents will be able to set their kids’ sleep schedule and adjust the light or sound levels.

“We hope that these features will encourage people to use the app in the future to take care of their family and keep them safe and happy,” Zemzsev said.

The Vampire app has been in the works for a while, and Microsoft officials announced a partnership with Zemzin last year.

The company has already started to integrate the app into Microsoft Night Owl.

Microsoft Night Light, Microsoft’s sleeping assistant, was announced in December.