HP Assistant can answer your questions with voice commands

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As the assistant of the HP EliteBook X1 Carbon, I’m always looking for ways to make HP’s new laptop more versatile and powerful.

As an HP assistant, the HP Assistant is equipped with a handful of helpful voice commands that can answer questions about the machine and its software.

You can ask it questions about how to use its keyboard and touchpad, how to access the system’s peripherals, and more.

Here’s a rundown of the assistant’s most useful commands.

  • Ask: How can I set up my system to connect to the internet?
  • Add:
      [Please specify what is required to connect a device to the Internet.]

    [ [Are you using a wireless network?

    Does it support 3G?

    If not, what is the maximum speed?

    Can you provide the IP address?

    If so, please specify the device and its port number.

    If not already connected, what port does the computer use?]] [

      [Do you have a backup plan?

      Do you plan to update the system when you change hardware?

      If you’re not sure what the best option is, how can I help you?

      Is there a way to backup the backup plan to a computer on the network or through a USB drive?

      If the backup will be to a file server, can I use a USB storage drive as the backup file server?

      If yes, which one?]




        [[Does the computer support the latest Intel processors?

        Can I upgrade to a newer chip?

        Can it run Windows Server 2008 R2?

        If a computer is older than Windows Server 2003, which edition of Windows is it?

        How much memory does it have?]] []

    • “Yes” means the machine supports the current version of the OS.No
  • Voice commands

If you don’t specify a question, the assistant will suggest an answer.

For example, you can ask “What is the volume of the speakers?” or “Can I use the keyboard and trackpad to control the system?”

If the answer is no, the Assistant will offer a suggestion to ask the next question.

You may choose to answer the next query by pressing , which opens the assistant interface.

You will be prompted to choose the next action.

Press .

If the Assistant offers a new question, you must reply with ” yes” to the prompt.

If you reply with “no”, the Assistant stops offering the next prompt.

The assistant will resume offering the previous prompt when you answer again.