How to pay for pandemic jobs in India

The government has announced plans to offer unemployment assistance to more than 2 million Indians.

The government said it was “concerned” about the unemployment crisis plaguing the country and said the scheme would provide temporary jobs for some of the country’s most vulnerable people, including farmers and other workers who are at risk of losing their jobs.

The plan is part of the government’s effort to revive economic growth and boost job opportunities for people who are unemployed.

The programme will provide “recovery” payments of up to Rs 2,000 per month, and there will be a “temporary wage subsidy” of Rs 5,000.

The central bank is providing up to $1,000 in assistance for every Rs1,200 in annual wages for unemployed farmers, and up to one-and-a-half times that amount for workers who were laid off.

The move comes as farmers across the country are struggling to find jobs, with some even saying they have not been paid in months.

Many have been unable to find work because of the crisis.

The government said this would be the first such scheme for the country.

It also said it would set up a National Job Centre for the purpose of finding jobs for unemployed people.

The programme would be implemented across the nation on July 15.