What is Google Assistant?

Turns out Google Assistant isn’t just Google’s smart assistant that you can use to play games and watch YouTube videos.

The company has also announced it is making it much easier for employers to use the Assistant in their hiring process.

The Google Assistant is currently only available to employees of the company and to a limited number of partners, but the company says it will be expanding the feature to all employers in the coming months.

The new version of Google Assistant for hiring will let employees use the tool as part of their application to get more out of their hiring processes.

Google said it plans to launch a “new app for hiring” sometime in the next month or so that will let employers sign up for the Assistant and work with it through a voice interaction.

Google also announced that it is working on an app for personal assistants.

The latest version of the app will be a “voice assistant for employers” that is similar to the one Google Assistant currently has for its employees, Google said.

The app will not include any of the other assistants Google has made available to employers, including those for Google Home and Google Assistant. 

Google has long had a presence in the job market, offering its users access to an extensive suite of job-specific tools.

Its latest hiring app for employers is the first time the company has expanded the feature into the workplace.

The assistant will help companies hire and promote employees by helping employers find and use people that have the skills needed for the job.

Google announced last week that it was adding the ability to request a “task completion” report from the Assistant, allowing employers to see who was in the process of completing a specific task.