The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s biggest new feature is the new currency

Posted September 19, 2017 12:00:18In The Witcher, gold is the currency of choice for any of the world’s great civilizations.

Geralt is an outcast by his peers, but is constantly being sought out by those he cares about, including a certain Count Dooku, who has sworn to protect him from a mysterious, seemingly benevolent force.

The Witcher has a wealth of new content to explore, and the final expansion, The Witcher Card Game, has a huge new card set, including new cards for the game’s powerful new “Wild Hunt” faction.

The Witcher Card game is not just a collection of new cards to use.

The cards are part of a much bigger set of cards that can be unlocked with gold.

Gold can be used to unlock more cards, but it also lets you buy cards with real-world currency, allowing you to play the game in a much more flexible way.

In The Witcher Cards, there are a total of six different factions: the Order of the Phoenix, the Order, the Faith, the House of Thorns, the Wild Hunt, and a new faction, The Vampires.

The new faction card set is filled with new cards, including three new classes: the Paladin, a warrior who uses an array of magical spells, and two new types of cards: The Hunter and the Rogue.

In addition, a new Legendary card set (the Dark Knight) has been added.

The new card types, along with the new Legendary cards, can be earned in a series of “cards-of-the-day” events that occur throughout the game.

Each of the six factions has its own unique set of quests, new quests, and new spells.

These new quests and quests offer a new story line for each faction, and offer a chance to get a unique set or card.

The quest system also includes a new, easier way to level up, and allow you to level-up and gain experience while still keeping the old-school, linear story mechanics.

In addition to the quest system, the game also features new gameplay elements, like the ability to control the fate of your character and the world as a whole.

Geralts skills are all about power and cunning, and you’ll need to think strategically when you choose your character.

The game offers a new way to interact with your surroundings and your friends, but its also a way to help the world.

The combat system, which has been revamped for the expansion, features a number of new abilities that can help you win a fight and gain the upper hand.

The entire world has a new level cap, and each of the five main factions has a level cap.

The game’s story is a big part of The Witcher: Wild Hunter, as you travel from the kingdom of Bruges to the city of Toussaint to investigate the disappearance of a mysterious woman and her young son.

In each location, you’ll find a set of clues that will lead you to the mystery, and then you’ll have to work with your allies to solve the case.

The story is also full of twists and turns, and even the biggest twists can have a payoff later in the game if you take advantage of them.

In one example, you find yourself at a crossroads, and will have to decide between your actions and your character’s decisions.

The story of The Wild Hunter is one of the more complex in the entire game.

You’ll have a lot of choices in each location in order to solve various cases.

Each of the four major factions have their own special characters who can help the story along, but they also have unique abilities that will impact the outcome of each of your choices.

For example, the Vampires have a unique ability called “The Curse of the Black Hand,” which can grant you a special power, or a powerful ability that allows you to kill the other party member and gain more life.

This ability is especially powerful if you choose to help a certain faction in the story.

The card set also includes new cards that will allow you access to new abilities, which will help you to solve different cases.

The more powerful the cards are, the more likely you are to have a choice, but the more you can influence the outcome.

In some cases, you may not even need to make a choice at all.

You can unlock more of the game with real world money.

In order to unlock new content, you need to spend real money, and this will unlock new cards and new quests for your character to complete.

The expansion is available for both the PC and the Xbox One.

The PC version of the expansion comes with a gamepad support, as well as a collection card and a limited edition poster that was included with the PC version.

The Xbox One version of The Game includes a game controller, as does the Xbox 360 version.

There’s also an upgrade path for the Xbox versions, which includes a collection, card, and poster for both versions.

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