HP supports Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile operating system

A Microsoft-owned software company is now supporting Windows 10 Mobile on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

The company’s mobile Windows 8.x operating system has been a huge hit with users and is currently the most popular mobile operating platform for PCs.HP has officially announced support for Windows 10 on the HP ProLiant P8.1 notebook.

HP ProLiance announced the new Windows 10 support in a blog post, but did not reveal a release date or pricing.

Windows 10 Mobile is an open-source Windows 8 application and includes support for a number of new features.

It is also the first Windows 10 device to include an Intel Atom processor, a new battery-saving feature called Power Efficiency, and new Cortana voice commands.

Windows 10 is the most advanced version of Windows to date and features more advanced user interfaces, Cortana voice search, a much-improved Start menu and a number other features that make it easier for Windows users to use Microsoft products.