Allianz Global Assistance to Help US Dentists Retire

Allianza Global Assistance will help the United States dentists retire early with a plan to offer a $100,000 retirement benefit, according to a report.

The Allianzy Global Assistance plan will help dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and other healthcare professionals retire with a minimum of $100 million.

Allianz has been one of the top financial supporters of the US dentists for years and is widely considered one of America’s largest financial supporters, giving more than $4.5 billion to help the countrys healthcare system.

In the past, the company has provided $50 million in assistance to the United Kingdom and $20 million to Ireland.

In its annual report for 2017, Allianzo said the dentists retirement plan will pay for retiree health care, dental equipment, retirement education, and retirement savings for the country’s 1.4 million dentists.

In 2018, Allicz plans to give a total of $20 billion to dentists across the United State.

Allianze is the second largest provider of dental assistance in the world and serves as the main financial backer for the United Sates dentists with a total funding of more than 5.6 billion.