The new generation of affordable homes is here

The Next BigFuture home care assistance program will give families more flexibility in deciding where they want to live.

The program, which will help families pay for a house or apartment, has been developed by the Massachusetts Department of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.

The Next BIG Future home care program will be expanded to help families living in more remote areas.

The state expects to reach 5,000 households through the program by 2022.

The Home Care Assistance Program, which was created in 2018, is designed to help people who need help in paying for a home or apartment in their community or region, with the goal of reducing the need for caregiving and helping families stay in their homes.

The government will be providing $2,000 per family per year to help them pay for home and apartment care.

The government will also be offering free counseling to low-income families to help understand their options and decide where they should live.

It is the first step in helping low- to moderate-income residents stay in the communities they live in.

In the program, families will be able to choose between three options: a low-cost, low-demand, or affordable option.

Each option will cost an average of $6,000 for a family of three.

Families will also have the option of participating in a home care service that is not available in their area.

The Next BIGFuture home-care assistance program has been in place since 2018.

It was launched in the state with the help of $9 million in funding.