How to install and use Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update for healthcare assistants

Google Assistant is now officially certified as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) by Microsoft.

The update brings the Windows 8 software to healthcare assistants, which are typically used to deliver medical care in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.

Google Assistant was certified as such a CNA in 2016 and is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as Microsoft’s own Windows RT mobile operating system.

Microsoft has released a number of apps and services that work with Cortana to help users manage healthcare, but the Cortana app for Windows 8 has been a major part of that experience.

This week, Microsoft released a Windows 8 Cortana app that can help you customize and personalize your experience in Microsoft’s newest operating system, and you can use Cortana to interact with Cortana on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices as well.

Microsoft says that Cortana can be used to provide a variety of health and wellness-related information and content, including personalized reminders and personalization options.

Cortana can also provide voice and video interactions for users to help them manage their health, and the app can offer a number, tailored recommendations based on what you type and what your interests are.

You can also create reminders to do specific things in the future.

Microsoft also says that the Windows CNA certification is valid for up to three years and will continue to be valid until it expires, and that Cortana will be available in the Microsoft Store for Windows phones, tablets, and PCs.

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