The Lad, a biblical drama series about a Jewish family in Jerusalem that deals with family values

In an effort to highlight family values, the family of The Lad is preparing to rent a large house in Jerusalem to provide assistance to an American family that has been displaced from their home due to the earthquake.

The Lad is a biblical thriller series set in the biblical period of the Old Testament.

The story follows the lives of the family members of a young widow, who is unable to stay at home with her parents and is living with her aunt, and her elderly father, who lives in an isolated area of the city.

It is set during the reign of King Saul of Israel and takes place in the Jewish period in Jerusalem.

The Lad premiered on April 12, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Film Festival and is available on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services.

The family has already made preparations and is ready to rent the home for the duration of the program.

The family, who will be in Jerusalem during the summer months, will also have to be able to secure a permit to stay there.

“We have to prepare for the long term, for our own family and for the future generations of our community,” said the Lad’s co-writer, Shlomo Tzara.

“We need to be prepared to be an asset in the community and to serve.”

The Lad, which premiered on Amazon and Netflix, is set in a city that was largely abandoned during the Middle Ages.

It takes place at a time when Jews are being forced to leave Jerusalem and are moving into the city of Ramla, near the Jordan River.

The plot revolves around a young woman, who must find her way back to her family and her place in society after her mother is killed by a mob in the town of Ramlah.

She meets a man, who offers to help her find her mother and father, but she is unable, due to her father’s age, to join him.

The series was produced by Tzora and Tzera, who are Jewish and grew up in Israel.

Tzaro is a former Hebrew-language editor for the New York Times and a professor of journalism at Yeshiva University.

He has written for The Times, and The Atlantic.

Tzara’s father was born in Israel and the family immigrated to the United States in the 1960s.

He also grew up on a farm and now owns a business, Tzorah.

The Tzoras have two children, Yair and Elor.

Tzipara, who was raised in the United Kingdom and is fluent in English, has been studying at Columbia University, where he studied drama and has written a number of plays.

Tzipara was raised by his grandmother in a Jewish neighborhood in Tel Aviv, and the Tzoras moved to the U.S. at the age of 10.

Tzaara was the first person to receive a Ph.

D. in drama at Columbia and has been working on the show since its premiere.

He is a graduate of Columbia and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is a native of the United Arab Emirates.

Tzlora, who has written several plays and a number for the stage, is a founding member of The Talmud Academy.

He was a senior at the Hebrew University, and now resides in Israel with his wife, Eileen.

Tzaara graduated from Columbia with a degree in drama and a minor in Jewish studies.