What do the pandemic jobs data shows about India?

A key question facing India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is whether his government can meet its economic target of 7.5 percent growth in a few years.

The new job data released on Thursday shows that the country has added 8.6 million jobs in April, the highest monthly number since May 2013, when it posted 6.7 million jobs.

It also showed that a record 6.2 million people gained job security, up from 4.7 per cent in March.

The employment growth figures were boosted by a surge in new job opportunities and a rise in hours worked, the latest data from the Labour Bureau showed.

But there was a slowdown in new employment in April due to a nationwide shortage of labourers and a sharp fall in the number of people employed in construction.

The labour report also showed a sharp increase in unemployment in the state of Maharashtra, which was the second-largest state with 5.2 per cent unemployment rate in April.